Obama Administration Releases “Report on the Legal and Policy Frameworks Guiding the United States’ Use of Military Force and Related National Security Operations”

Yesterday, the Obama administration released a 61-page review of the legal and policy frameworks guiding the United States’ use of military force. This review describes the domestic and international legal basis for the use of force overseas. Furthermore, it describes the key legal and policy frameworks the Obama administration established regarding the use of force. The President’s Foreword to the document describes how the “United States complies with all applicable domestic and international law in conducting operations” against insurgent actors. The document describes how the Administration has institutionalized a policy framework to ensure operations carried out during counterinsurgency operations meet and “in important respects exceed s the safeguards that apply as a matter of law in the course of an armed conflict.” The report builds upon speeches given throughout the Obama administration, many of which are cited at the end of the document. Further analysis of this document can be found at Just Security and Lawfare.

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