President Trump, North Korea and the Undermining of International Cooperation

International cooperation since the end of the Cold War has been built on trusting that the United States will follow a set of international norms and rules. Colonel Qiao Liang in his book Chao Xian Zhan (Unrestricted Warfare) submits that unless other countries continue to trust the United States will follow these international rules, the source of this cooperation in compromised and undermined. Since 9/11 the United States has dismissed international rules and supplanted its own. During his United Nations address, President Trump “total destruction,” unrestricted warfare with North Korea because of Kim Jung Un’s nuclear weapons program. Rather than focusing on international cooperation through the framework of United Nations, President Trump demonstrated a willingness to engage outside of these international rules. If President Trump continues to go down this path, it will undermine the United States’ ability to find an international solution on the Korean peninsula. President Trump needs to stop his bombastic rhetoric regarding North Korea and begin to work in concert with China and other key nations to find a solution to Kim Jung Un’s rising nuclear capabilities. Failing to do so will only continue to undermine international cooperation.

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